Friday, June 3, 2011

We're having a BOY!!!

After much anticipation and anxiety, the day finally arrived for our ultrasound to determine if Baby Martin was a girl or boy.  We arrived at Dr. Barry's office at 9am Tuesday morning and nervously sat in the waiting room waiting patiently (as best we could!) for my name to be called.  When we finally were called back we were all smiles and extremely ready to know!  Natalie lubed me up with the 'belly jelly' and there he/she was!  We were watching Baby Martin up on the big monitor and so happy to see his little heart beating (145 bpm) and his little arms and legs kicking and waving all around.  Very active for 9am!  Natalie (the u/s tech started at the head and worked her way down, measuring all parts and examining in detail everything about little Martin).  Todd and I, of course, were thinking..."can't you just go down and show us the gender FIRST and then go back and do all these measurements?  you're killing us!"  :o)  But even though we were very anxious, it was really cool to just take it all in and hear her explain each little thing as she went along. 

Finally she made her way down south and as soon as she did, the first shot she got was this...
It was very obvious (even to me who can barely read these things when I see friends' ultrasounds) that we in fact, were having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!  (notice where the arrow is pointing...and the 2 legs on either side!) I immediately looked at Natalie who was looking at me with the biggest eyes and I said "is that really what I think it is?!"  And she of course said "Yep, it sure is!  Congratulations!"  I looked at Todd who was borderline in shock and he just grinned from ear to ear and then we both shed some tears.  He couldn't stop hugging and kissing me...each time laying his arm in the 'belly jelly' and getting it all over his dress shirt & pants!  lol!  He could have cared less.  He was just so incredibly happy.  We both were. 

Natalie then went back up to try and see if Baby Martin would finally cooperate with us and let us get a glimpse of his face & profile.  He wasn't shy in the least to show us his goods but he sure was shy to show us his face!  He kept hiding behind his arms & hands, and though I thought this was really sweet, I really wanted to see his profile.  Finally, we were able to shift him around enough to get him to move his arms out of the way:

I fell in love immediately.  This was such an exciting appointment and I loved every minute of it!  We had a full 30minutes of watching and learning about our little guy.  It was so fun!  I'll go back for a regular OB appt at the end of June and another ultrasound the end of July (8 weeks).  But until then, I've got some shopping to do...BLUE, BLUE, BLUE!!!!!  And a nursery to start planning!  :0)