Saturday, September 24, 2011

In the home stretch...

Went for my weekly appointment on Tuesday and another great check-up.  I checked out fine and BM is doing great too.  His heartrate has been very consistent each visit...154-155bpm.  It never gets old hearing it each time either.  :) 

I officially met my 2nd goal of reaching 37 weeks!!!!  I am SO happy to have made it and really feel a sense of relief and 'safety'.  Ever since my false alarm, hospital visit and bedrest, I've been very worried and paranoid that he would try to come too soon.  Thinking of all the possibilities if that should have happened was very nerve racking.  I just prayed and prayed we'd make it to 37 (at least) and then I'd feel I could breathe again.  I truly feel much more relaxed and am getting ridiculously excited to finally meet him. 

My doctor checked my cervix again and still no change, so he scheduled me for my induction.  I will go to the hospital on Monday, October 3rd at 3pm, they will start the cervadil which is used to help ripen my cervix and then at 5am, October 4th, they will start my pitocin.  Baby Martin should make his arrival sometime later that day (just 8 days before his actual due date)!  It's kinda crazy to actually be able to plan and know what day he will be here.  If you've read my previous blogs, the reason for my induction is due to my receiving the steroid shot (betamethasone) when I was in the hospital at 30 weeks.  The shot was to help boost BM's lungs in case I went into labor too soon.  My doctor informed me at the time that this would mean I would need to be induced at 39 weeks and would not be allowed to go to my original due date (BM might be too large and advanced at that point).  I was perfectly fine with that because I knew it was important to boost BM as a precautionary and who wouldn't mind delivering a week early!  I'm SO ready! 

So my sister, Aaron, will arrive next Saturday, Oct 1st at 11am and my parents will arrive Oct 2nd and then we're off to have a baby on the 3rd!  I'm so excited they will all be here for BM's birth.  It's all worked out so far anyway!  They will be such a great support system for me in the hospital and a team effort once we get home! 

Just 8 more days til GO time!  I can't believe it!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

36 week checkup

Our appointment went great yesterday.  It was so good to see our little boy one last time before we finally meet him in person!  Since week 28, Dr. Schlafstein has estimated him to be around 7-7.5 lbs at birth, but looking like he's definitely going to exceed that (assuming I'm able to make it to 39 weeks & my induction date).  His estimated weight yesterday was already 6lbs 10oz and if he continues to gain 1/2 lb each week for the next 3 weeks, he will be close to 8lbs 2-3oz!  Much bigger than we thought!  Obviously Mommy's weight gain and the steroid booster he received in the hospital have plumped him up quite a bit :)  He is measuring 2 days ahead of schedule and in the 74th percentile.  Though I'm a little nervous about him being bigger than I had planned, I'm really happy to hear he's healthy and growing. 

He also has a FULL head of hair!  They told us this at our 28 week ultrasound, but we couldn't really see anything.  However, during this ultrasound we definitely saw all the hair on his head!  I couldn't believe how much he has!  Todd and I were joking with Natalie (u/s tech) that he might need a trim up before we even leave the hospital!  :)

Overall, he checked out great and so did I.  Hemoglobin good, blood pressure great, no swelling, gained a pound since last week (much better than the 6lbs I gained in just 2 weeks at my last appt!!!), and my cervix hasn't changed any.  I was actually really relieved to hear this because it makes me very hopeful that I'll make it another 3 weeks.  Getting my family in town before he arrives is very important to me.  My parents can get here by the end of Sept and my sister will fly in Oct 1st.  Crossing our fingers he doesn't try to come any sooner than that! 

So now we play the waiting game.  We are SO ready for him!  We finally completed his nursery last weekend, bassinet is in our room, Daddy is getting the carseat checked at the Health Dept today, and bags are packed!  I am so, so EXCITED to finally meet him and hold him in my arms!