Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Doctor, doctor give me some news!

I had my follow-up appointment with my doctor yesterday and the results of the 2nd fetal fibronectin test came back negative!!  My doctor did not anticipate a negative result and was actually quite certain it would remain positive, however, I remained hopeful.  I was so relieved and my paranoia and worrying dropped significantly.  I know the bedrest has been very good for me and I've noticed a difference.  I didn't feel bad before but I definitley feel better now that I'm rested and taking it easy.  I truly think I was trying to do too much because I felt I could, but my body was not able to keep up.  I've finally realized I can't do it all and keeping this baby safe and making it full term is much more important than trying to push myself to get things done at work and at home. 

My doctor did not advise me to go back to work unless I was at risk of losing my job or my house!  She assured me that if I went back to my normal activity before all of this happened that I'd be putting myself at risk to be right back in the hospital and I definitely don't want that to least not for another 7 weeks!  So luckily my job is very understanding and allowing me to work from home, so that's what I'll be doing from now until this baby boy arrives.  I am able to be up and do normal activity, but instructed to take it slow and not overdo it.  If I run errands or go to the grocery one day, then I'm to rest the next day.  If I do any chores or stuff around the house one day, then I rest the next.  And that is to be my routine from here on out.  I do plan to go into work a couple days a week for a few hours to do a few things and pick up/drop off work and to see my coworkers who I miss, but otherwise, I'm following doctor's orders and resting alot and drinking lots of fluids.

I feel very hopeful and am remaining positive that I can make it 7 more weeks (when I'll be 39 weeks and ready to be induced).  That is my goal.  My sister and BM's Auntie Aaron will be flying in that week and I really, really want her to be here for his delivery so that's more motivation for me to make it that far! 


  1. Thanks for the update. Sorry I got impatient! haha! So glad tests came back negative! Um...and...I CANNOT believe you just have 7 weeks left! WOW!!!!!!!! can't wait!!!

  2. So happy to hear that everything is ok and you and the baby are doing well. Hope the next 7 weeks goes well and I can't wait to see baby Martin (but for everyone's safety I can wait 7 more weeks)!