Thursday, August 4, 2011

Laid up at 30 weeks

So I woke up this morning with menstrual-like cramps and thought, "hmmm this is strange. why am I cramping?"  I went ahead and got ready and went to work but the cramps never faded.  Sitting at work I just felt uncomfortable and thought, "maybe I should call my doctor."  I don't want to be a worry wart but I also don't want to take any chances.  After asking my friend Kindall what she thought I should do, she confirmed that I should definitely call the doctor.  I called and they told me to come in right then so they could check me.  So, at 9:30am I headed to the doctor.  They took me straight back and did my regular labwork (all checked out fine) and then hooked me up to the fetal monitor.  This monitored the baby's heartrate, any signs of contractions and baby movements.  The doctor also came in and checked my cervix, which is completely closed and felt perfect. 

After lying there for over 30 minutes, the monitor showed no sign of contractions and heartrate was great.  However, I was still cramping.  So the doctor decided to put me on bedrest for the remainder of the weekend to be sure I get plenty of rest and I was given strict instruction to drink plenty of water and only get up to shower and eat.  It's possible that I'm just having Braxton Hicks but could also just be my body preparing for labor and the 'real deal' contractions to come :)  She assured me that everything looks okay but she wants to be cautious.  The cramping should go away on its own by tonight or tomorrow, so hopefully that will hold true.

So I'm laid up on the couch with 2 of my baby books, watching a Baby Story, my water/gatorade jug next to me and also my baby scrapbook I started last weekend to work on a little later.  I'm not very thrilled to be told I can't do anything for 3.5 days, especially when I save all my errands for the weekend and had dinner plans with friends tomorrow night, but I'll do whatever the doctor says to keep this little guy baking in the oven for another 10 weeks!  :o)


  1. Take care of yourself Missy and I hope that everything resolves itself quickly, that had to be a little (or a lot!!) scary for you. The grass is always greener, eh, somedays you wish someone would tell you to lay around and literally do nothing, but then when you're there it's not really any fun. Hoping you find some good shows on TV or movies to watch and I'm sure Todd will be an excellent caretaker. Keep us updated!

  2. Keep those feet up or you'll end up teaching yourself to knit hats! No seriously.... hopefully everything is back to normal after this rest!