Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Getting ready!

Each week we get a little more prepared for this little guy that is about to enter our world, but after this past weekend's childbirth class, we feel much more prepared for the actual labor & delivery.  I've done my share of reading to prepare myself and definitely already knew alot that was taught during the class but still learned alot as well.  What I really enjoyed and took away from it was the practicality of it all.  The L&D nurse who taught it was awesome and told many stories from her 20 years of experience and also showed some videos, though very dated were great resources.  The registration process, the meds that are available, the risks associated with each, dilation and effacement, average time between active labor and transition, breathing patterns, movement & positions to help labor move along, the role of my 'coach' aka Todd, baby positioning and the tools that can be used for extraction.  Lots to learn and lots to know come D day!

I've been considering what birth plan I'd like to have and after taking the class, I'm able to really know what I'd like to happen and what's important to us.  Having a birth plan in place is great so both the doctor and nurses know what you want and hope to happen, but I also can't help but think, "what will be will be" and some things you just can't control.  But nonetheless I will have a birth plan in place.

I plan to have a vaginal birth and really hope I'm able to do so.  Should I go into labor on my own before 39 weeks, I think my chances are great that it will happen.  However, I'm nervous about the idea of having to be induced at 39 weeks and not starting labor naturally on my own.  There is an increased chance of having a c-section when labor is induced.  Obviously, first and foremost I want a healthy baby and I want to keep myself safe as well, so whatever it takes to make sure both of us are okay, then that is what I will do.  But I really hope and plan to do whatever it takes to avoid a c-section.

Doing skin-to-skin with my baby as soon as he arrives is very important to me.  I will be able to do this right away should I deliver vaginally, however, with a c-section I'd have to wait at least 40-50minutes to be stitched up and wheeled to my room to then start skin-to-skin and nursing.  Another reason I prefer not to have a c-section. 

Ultimately, God is in control and has his own plan for the birth of my little boy and whatever that may be is what it will be.  I have complete faith and trust in that but I can't help but think... I sure hope we're on the same page! :)

I have a 35 week OB checkup next Tuesday and then the following Tuesday I'll have my 36-week ultrasound.  As with all other ultrasound appointments, I'm really looking forward to it and excited to see his chubby little cheeks again as well as find out how big he's going to be!  I'm thinking he's still on track to be between 7-7.5 lbs.  He has been vertex and sitting very low for quite some time, so hoping that hasn't changed.  He is still a busy little guy and moves around alot.  He's gotten stronger with his kicks and jabs and not so comfortable when I feel a fast kick to the ribs when lying down or a punch to the bladder that makes me feel as if I'm going to pee on myself right at that very moment with no control!  I hope to catch him moving on video one day soon, but he always seems to sit still whenever I think to go get the camera.  He obviously doesn't work on demand or take requests! :) He also frequently gets hiccups which are always funny to feel and can last for 3-5 minutes.  I'm getting so excited to see this little guy that's been living inside my belly for the past 8 months!  I'm anxious to see who he looks like and am sooo ready to just hold him in my arms!


  1. Oh Lauren! I know you guys just cannot wait to meet your son! It will be a beautiful day however it goes down. I still tear up and still envy those who were able to deliver vaginally....19 months after my c-section. It is just so special to be the first to greet your baby! Regardless, the event is completely joyful and special. I am confident your birth plan will become reality!

  2. You are soooo close!! It's great to have a birth plan, but also great to realize that it may not happen that way, so you are in great shape! Your flexible attitude will serve you well as you enter Motherhood : )