Friday, May 27, 2011

Daddy's turn

Every week (when we remember) Todd has been taking a belly shot of me to document this whole pregnancy journey.  I'm already enjoying looking back through them and noticing how much my body has changed.  I can only imagine what it will look like 20 more weeks from now! 

Last Wednesday when I turned 19 weeks, I yelled in at Todd who was watching tv that we needed to take a belly shot for the week.  I went to the kitchen to get the camera and when I came walking back down the hallway, this is what I found waiting for me...

Apparently our roles had been reversed and it was his turn for a belly shot!  My place on the 'baby wall' had been replaced by Daddy!  Not breaking a smile and remaining so serious, he said "I'm ready!  How's it look?  How far along do you think I am?"  I was hardly able to take the picture from laughing so hard.  He's got the pose down pat and I'm pretty sure he's further along than I am!  He's such a smart ass sometimes...and I like it...most of the time!  :) 

All jokes aside, it was just another reminder that he's as much a part of this pregnancy as I am.  Though my belly is the one growing with a baby inside, not sure what his excuse is! 

After a good laugh, we were able to take the actual belly shot that was intended.  Here I am at 19 weeks, and really starting to look like I have a basketball under my shirt!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May is the month of surprises

I went for another check-up on May 3rd and all was well.  BM's heartbeat had dropped as they said it would, now beating at 142 bpm, my blood pressure was good at 98/62, and I've gained a total of 8 lbs.  Other than that, I met with my doctor for a few minutes, discussed travel plans and confirmed our next appointment for our ultrasound to determine the sex on May 31st.  That will be the last surprise for the month of May, but obviously the biggest one!  We can hardly wait and have officially started the countdown...2 weeks from today!  I'm really ready to start working on the nursery.  I've chosen a crib, dresser, bedding for either boy or girl and we are certain on a boy's name but a little uncertain about a girl's.  So now all we need to know is what we'll actually be having so we can get started on all these plans.

The first surprise of the month would be my belly!  I mentioned in my previous blog that my 'bump' had finally arrived, but what I didn't know was that was not actually true.  It really popped out and made itself known a few weeks later at 16 weeks.  One day I had a pooch and the next I was pregnant.  See what I mean... (15 weeks on the left, 16 weeks on the right).

The second 'surprise' of the month...which wasn't really a surprise but rather a pleasant gift was from my coworker Chesley.  He brought me a gently used (and I mean only used for 2 days so practically new) cradle to work for me to use.  His wife's father gave it to them when she was pregnant with their son, Sullivan, but they only used it the first couple of nights and then chose to put their son in his crib where he's slept ever since.  It's just what I wanted and needed.  It's classic and will be perfect to have in our room next to our bed for the first several months before making the transition to the crib.  All I need to get is some bedding for it, which I've already found at a local baby store.  I just need to go back and purchase it.

And the final surprise of the month, so far anyway, just came this week.  I felt BM moving around for the first time!  What a strange feeling!  Most books and friends have said it will feel like butterflies in my stomach, which it does somewhat, but in my current book it described it just as it felt to a little goldfish swimming around in my belly!  It feels like a when I kick or move my feet/hands under water.  When I first noticed them on Sunday, they were really faint movements.  And today (Tues) they were stronger and more frequent.  I think BM is practicing flip turns in there!  It's such a comforting feeling because it assures me that the baby is doing okay, however, it feels so odd that it's slightly disturbing!  Especially when I'm sitting at my desk working and all a sudden BM takes off to swim a few laps!  I just smile, pause and then try to focus to get back to what I was doing. 

I'm sure this month was only the start of the many surprises yet to come.  I know we'll have so many more moments to look forward to in the next 4-5 months and I'm so excited for every one of them!  I know the best is yet to come, but for now, I'm enjoying every single day of being preggo and doing the best I can to prepare myself to be the best Mom I can be. :)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

April showers bring...a baby bump?

I had my first follow-up appointment on April 5th at 13 weeks and all went well.  Todd was in attendance again and we got to hear the heartbeat, which was ranging from 160-180.  The nurse assured me this was normal and that it would drop quite a bit come my next appointment.  Todd immediately was thinking "it's a girl.  a fast heartbeat means it's a girl."  (read with slight devastation).  He wants a boy so bad this first time around that I've had to make him come to terms that we just might have a girl and he will have to be just as happy.  As long as we have a healthy baby it doesn't really matter if we'll be wrapping it up in a pink or blue blanket!  He's accepting of that and has realized, "it is what it is, and he'll be happy either way."  With that said, we scheduled our next follow-up for May 3rd and our next sonogram for May 31st...which is when we will finally determine what color that blanket will actually be!  We can hardly wait!!

So as the weeks go by, the belly is growing and by 14-15 weeks, the baby bump has officially arrived!  My pants will no longer fasten and I invested in a belly band which has become my new best friend.  It's truly the best piece of material a girl could ask for at this stage of pregnancy!  I'm not to the point of needing maternity clothes but yet outgrowing my regular clothes.  The belly band is perfect for this 'in between stage'.  I've had to rearrange my closet and sort through things I can & can't wear from here on out.  Other than a few maternity tees that I can dress up for work and down for the weekends, I'm holding out to buy any 'real' maternity clothes.  My bump is showing just enough that it looks like I've just had about 6 too many beers!  I've actually had people tell me they just thought I was "fat"!  Great.  I look forward to the next few weeks when I pooch out some more and actually look pregnant versus just "fat"!  :)

14 weeks

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Telling my bosses

I must admit I was a bit nervous to break the news to my bosses but also very excited.  It's a great feeling to share such happy news that you've been keeping secret for over a month with those that are close to you and experiencing their reactions.  It's awesome!  So, at the end of March when I was 12 weeks I broke the news to them.  I went to each of them (3) with a folder like we use in the office for tax returns and had my ultrasound pictures inside and said, "would you mind looking this over and telling me what you think?"  They looked at me kinda funny, like what is this all about.  When they opened it up and saw the pictures, they were all so very happy for Todd & I.  They of course asked all the usual questions of: when did you find out, when is your due date, how are you feeling, is Todd excited, etc.  It was a great relief to let that cat out of the bag!  I work for & with such awesome people...they were all genuinely happy & excited for me and that means alot.

So just to answer the usual questions I mentioned above...
- we found out Feb 2nd (superbowl weekend)
- due date is October 12th
- I'm still feeling pretty good, still no sickness and energy is starting to pick back up
- Todd is beyond excited.  I think it sinks in a little more each day that this is reality and I actually have a little baby growing inside my belly that we created.  I think once the belly bump arrives and he has something he can physically see to relate to, it will really hit him.

12 weeks

So I must admit, the first item purchased for Baby Martin was an official UK t-shirt!  Though we may live in GA, this child will know the 'right' team to cheer for...Go BIG BLUE!!!  :o)  (unfortunately...I forsee a UGA onesie making an appearance down the road, but let it be known it will not be purchased from my wallet!)

Here it goes...

So after giving it some thought as to whether I thought I should/could do this blog, I decided to give it a shot.  I may not be very consistent with my posts, but I hope to keep it up.  I think it will be a great way to share my thoughts and memories of my pregnancy as I move through this amazing journey.  I hope you'll enjoy sharing it with me!  I'm getting my motivation to do this from several friends of mine that have done a blog for their life and for their pregnancy and it really is an awesome and easy way to keep a journal that you can/don't mind sharing with family and friends.

So today I am 17 weeks preggo and so far, so good!  I'm truly enjoying every single day.  I'll try to give a recap of what all the past 17 weeks have consisted of to get you up to speed...

February 2 - the day of the pregnancy test and 1st day of pure shock and excitement!  I took one test = positive, went to dinner, still not sinking in or convinced, stopped at CVS on the way home to get the kind that actually says "pregnant"/"not pregnant" versus the silly + or - and well, it clearly said "pregnant"!! 

March 2 - after an entire month of anticipation, we finally got to go see the doctor to confirm.  At exactly 8 weeks, we got our first ultrasound and it was a moment I'll never forget!  Hearing the heartbeat for the 1st time was truly incredible.  My words exactly, through the tears of joy..."oh my gosh, it sounds just like a racehorse!"  Spoken like a true KY girl, born and raised on a horse farm.  :o)  But truly, that's exactly what it sounded like and it was amazing!  Seeing the little "gummy bear" as the U/S tech called it, was so cool.  Todd and I couldn't stop smiling and for me...I couldn't stop crying!  Pure happiness.

March 3-6 - in Vail for a ski trip we won in connection with Todd's job.  It was a celebrity charity event for Cystic Fybrosis sponsored by John Hancock (and various other vendors), which Todd sells various insurance products for.  I, of course, was denied the ability to ski which was a big let down for me, but why take the chance.  My doctor didn't think it was wise since I'd never been on skis before and the chance of me falling multiple times was pretty high!  So Todd enjoyed the skiing, while I enjoyed reading and spa time!  It was a great trip.

We finally broke the news to our parents while we were on our trip.  I had thought of this idea and thought it would be the most perfect time/place to tell them.  It just so happened that Todd's parents had gone down to my parents house in FL to spend the weekend with them.  With the 4 of them all together it was the perfect opportunity so they could share in the excitement of becoming 1st time grandparents together.  I sent them an email titled "meeting our 1st celebrity" (since we had met a few celebrities at the event already..all B list, so nothing too exciting!)  and attached 2 of the U/S pictures.  I had written on the attached photos..."Congratulations, you're going to be Grandparents!"  About 30minutes later I received a phone call from them on speaker phone and all I heard were screams!  It was the best feeling ever to hear their excitement and pure joy and that we had completely surprised them.   :o)

I sent my sister (Aaron) an early birthday present that included a onesie that said "I (heart) my Aunt" and anticipated that phone call as well...see above for the same response!  All screams!  We also told my brother & sister-in-law (Tony & Holly) and my grandparents but waited until the end of the month before breaking the news to anyone else.  Only wanted family to know until I was through my 1st trimester.

Throughout my entire first trimester, I didn't experience any morning sickness.  I feel truly blessed for that.  Thank goodness I took after my mom!  Exhausted every day, especially working tax season hours for all of Feb & March, but I'll take being tired versus feeling nauseous everyday...anyday!  And going to the bathroom...A LOT is also the norm for me these days.  I'm definitely drinking lots of water, which is part of it, but my goodness!  When they say you pee alot when you're pregnant, they aren't kidding!  Sheesh!
9 weeks

10 weeks

11 weeks